Retractable Folding Fishing Net Folding Pole

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Retractable Folding Fishing Net for 28/37/47in Length Telescopic Folding Pole Fishing Net

This is a high-quality fishing net with retractable and extendable lengths ranging from 28-47 inches. 

It's an Aluminum alloy pole which is super lightweight while also being heavy duty.
This fishing pole is entirely corrosion-resistant so you don't have to worry in saltwater or freshwater.

It utilizes a foldable triangle net for super simple and convenient storage. The net is made from a rubber coat with a knotless design. That means it is both high-strength and will never damage a fish's scales.

This is the perfect tool for any avid fisherman regardless of skill level.

Main Material: Aluminium Alloy
Opened Length: 28/37/47in (75/95/120cm)
Folded Length: 17in (43cm)

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