Carbon Steel Fishing Hooks Bulk 100pcs Barbed

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This Carbon Steel Fishing Hook Set is made from incredibly durable materials. These will withstand corrosion and rust. These have been grounded and flattened multiple times during the creation of these hooks, that means the tip and barb of this hook will stay sharper for longer.

The head of this hook is also at a perfect thickness to ensure the fishing line will not be broken easily.

These hooks are excellent for rigging any soft plastic baits, including jerk baits (zoom super flukes), texas rigged craws and creatures (brush hogs), wacky rig or texas rigged stick baits (Yamamoto Senko worms, yum dingers), and more. where fishing for largemouth bass, smallmouth, pike, musky, striper/rockfish, or any other gamefish.



Material: Carbon Steel
Size: 0.43In - 0.79In (11mm - 20mm)
Pcs: 100 Hooks in 10 Different Sizings

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