Black Tactical Glasses Set

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Black Tactical Glasses Set (1519-BGLSET)


The Tactical Glasses Set come in a range of different lens colours to ensure that you are always prepared for whatever life may throw at you.

This set contains:

Polarized Lens

This lens is used to reduce external glare, solar glare and other strong lights. It converts these lights into flat or soft alternatives. This is the perfect set for bright days or daytime driving.

Yellow Lens

The yellow lens directly and efficiently absorbs blue light, this ensures that items in view are more contrasted and brightened without any additional glare. This means the natural scenery you view, will be clearer. A yellow lens is more suited for dusk, night or early morning, foggy weather and rainy weather. These are perfect for hunting and other night time activities.

Gray Lens

The grey lens will effectively reduce any lights intensity and provides a great range of color perception. These are the typical lenses that can be used in most lighting conditions.

Transparent Lens

The main function of our transparent lens is to directly and effectively block UV rays, these are suited for UV400 protection. These glasses sit tight on the face so they also protect your eyes from foreign objects. These lens can also be worn at night. They are most suited for use when riding motorcycles, bikes or for general work where eye protection is favoured.


What Comes in the Box?

  1. Transparent Lens
  2. Gray Lens
  3. Yellow Lens
  4. Polarized Lens
  5. Military Spec Frame
  6. Hard Drop Protection Case
  7. Soft Microfibre Case
  8. 2x Soft Nose Cradles
  9. Expandable Head Brace
  10. Microfibre Cleaning Cloth


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