Survival Plants Your Complete Guide to Edible Plants (eBook)

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You never know what kind of situation you may find yourself in that requires lifesaving knowledge of your surroundings. Natural disasters or being lost in the wilderness can happen to anyone. Most people think it can’t happen to them. But it can. And it does. If you are unprepared for your own survival, you can hardly expect others to teach you in any survival scenario. Learning how to survive on your own knowledge and the nature around you is a life skill that most people don’t even consider.

Emergency survival situations will require you to know what you can safely eat when there are no other available food sources. It is generally best to know what kinds of natural foods are available in your particular region. However, if you know the basics of plant survival, you will be able to apply these lifesaving skills to any situation anywhere.

Plants are a valuable source of sustenance in a survival situation. Plants are widely available and easy to harvest. They can provide you with enough nutrition that you will be able to survive anything. Knowing which plants you can eat is the key. It is possible to live several days without food. However, this will make you tired, weak, and unable to think clearly. This is not the time to be in that type of condition. You need to stay strong and think clearly in order to overcome the lack of modern-day resources. This guide will help you do that


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