Patriots Plan Essential Knot Tying (eBook)

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One of the key skills for anyone serious about being prepared, knot tying is often a skill taken for granted by inexperienced woodsmen. There are right and wrong knots for every job, follow the steps and advice in this guide to ensure you know what you are doing next time you pick up a piece of rope.

Whether you need to scale a mountain or do some work around your house, a good knot can make the job so much simpler. If you are ever in a situation where your life is depending on the knot you tie, would you rather know exactly what you are doing or rely on the random collection of loops and turns most people call a "knot"?

I know which I'd prefer.

Knot tying is an essential skill, and what's really great is that most knots are very simple. With a bit of practice you will learn the art of knot tying, so you both understand and can use the right knots - whatever the situation. Follow our advice and grab some rope to practice alongside, you will by tying fantastic knots in no time!


This is a non-physical book, you will be given a download link upon purchase.

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