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If you're walking the streets at night, and you don't have a plan in place to defend yourself, there is a very high chance you're going to end up a victim - should a criminal decide they want what you have. Staying safe is not just about being aware of your situation, it's being prepared for anything. A mugger's "day job" is finding people, just like this, who believe a robbery or a violent attack just won't happen to them, and they're unprepared when it does.

This guide is going to change all that.

Learning to protect yourself is not an impossible process, but it does require a commitment to learn the right level of force to use in a situation, as well as practice to develop the reflexes to deploy your weapon of choice should you ever need it. Today, we're going to run through the knife as a self-defensive weapon, as our team of weapons experts believe it's one of the best choices out there to protect yourself.


This is a non-physical book, you will be given a download link upon purchase.

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