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With crime on the rise all over the country, being in control of your own personal safety is now a concern we all must consider. There are a number of different weapons available on the market that can help you stay safe against an attacker, one that I am particularly fond of is the baton. It's simple design makes it easy to use with just a little instruction, and it is generally very effective in close quarters combat. The key to using a baton effectively is to purchase a quality tool, and take a few classes or practice at home so you can deliver powerful strikes with some degree of accuracy.

Hitting your attacker with a baton is devastating. A landed strike will normally cause enough pain that your opponent is unable to continue attacking, and if you target bony areas the weighted steel tip has no problem fracturing or breaking bones. Normally you would target a meaty, fleshy area like the shoulder or thigh with a baton, but if you're facing an aggressive attacker you will need to escalate your defenses in order to stay safe, fight off your opponent, and escape to safety.


This is a non-physical book, you will be given a download link upon purchase.

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