8 Tips to Concealed Carry in a Sedan

8 Tips to Concealed Carry in a Sedan

If you're looking for a way to conceal carry in a Sedan, then this blog post is for you. Since carrying a firearm in your vehicle is lawful in most of the United States, the focus of this article is on protecting your weapons against uninvited looters and scavengers who will certainly arrive in the event of a social/government breakdown. Yes, I'm referring to the dreaded SHTF scenario.

Magnetic gun mounts are an excellent option if you want to take the hassle out of hiding your gun from prying eyes. Gun magnet mount can be mounted anywhere on the interior or exterior without any drilling or screws needed! In addition, the gun magnet car holster is guaranteed to keep your magnetic gun mount for car in place until an emergency arises.

These aren't concealment techniques that allow you to get to your guns at any time. This is about secret storage that most people won't notice unless they're highly proficient. This is for storing things.

Weapons can be hidden in plenty in today's Sedans. Good thing there are also magnet holsters that can be easily install in your car. I'll start with the spots inside the vehicle that are easily accessible. 

Under the Center Console

In most sedans, the center console is secured to the floor with a series of plastic clips or a few Phillips screws. When you remove them, the console lifts, revealing a compartment that can hold hefty gun magnets and a few boxes of ammo.

Back Seats

Back seats are common in modern automobiles. A cover for the back of the seats snaps onto the seat and hides the springs. A handgun, ammo, and a short-barreled long gun like an MP5 or Uzi will be kept in this compartment. No one will notice the seat is still there if you snap it back into place. If needed, it's also quite quick to go to. There are no tools necessary.

Under Seats

I'm not simply talking about under the seat on the floor. What we're talking about is taped, zip-tied, or somehow secured to the underside of the seat. It will be hidden if someone looks under the seat, but it is still there if you know where to look.

Inside Door Panels

A shotgun with a folding stock or a small rifle can be concealed here. The door panels are held in place by clips and a few screws. Even if you remove the screws and leave them out, someone with a keen eye will detect something is wrong. My recommendation is always to put everything back the way it was so that there are no "giveaways" that something is worth hiding behind the panel.

Behind the Radio

There will be four holes in the corners of the radio. You'll notice them if you look at yours. Most people are unaware that all you have to do is put metal rods about the size of a wire coat hanger into these holes, and the entire stereo slides out, leaving a big space in which to conceal guns and ammo. It is best to have a magnet holster. The holster, including mounting hardware, can support a gun with no possibility of rotating or the magnet falling even in rough terrain. It can even hold up to 30 pounds of firearms mounted parallel.


The front and rear bumpers feature cavities beneath them that can house a shotgun or rifle. Duct tape is a fantastic tool, and you'll be using it.

Under The Hood

There are various places to hide your weaponry inside the fender wells. For example, a firearm can be stored inside the air cleaner box. It is good to have a magnet holster as well. It should allow you to grab the handgun easily when in need.

The Trunk

I wouldn't recommend this place because it's so obvious, but in a pinch, it would suffice. Pull the carpet away from the trunk's sides. It'll be mounted on a cardboard backing. Replace the trunk lining and place your weapons behind it in the cavity in the lower section of the back fender. It will be invisible to the untrained eye if you have done this carefully. I also recommend covering the area with old rags or a little dirt to make it appear as if it hasn't been disturbed.


If you think you'll have to deal with this, I recommend tossing your roving swarm of scavengers off the track. Give them something to go after if you have to abandon your vehicle and are confident it will be looked at. Leave a worthless (as in non-working) firearm or whatever visible. Allow them to grab it and quit looking. To put it another way, throw them a bone. The whole objective of hiding your firearms so that looters don't find them is just that: hiding them. Make sure there are no "Hey, Look Here!" signs or pointers left behind. Do this, and you may be assured that when you return to your vehicle from something as easy as a walk in the woods to take care of bodily functions, your belongings will be safe and secure.

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