Reasons to Stop Using Your Car as a Holster

Reasons to Stop Using Your Car as a Holster

The most significant reason to stop using your car as a holster is the Magnetic Gun Mount. This is an affordable product that secures magnetic gun mounts so you can seamlessly draw your weapon with no wobble or sliding on any surface, even without spacers for metal surfaces. A second reason is the universal fit of this product - it's available in nearly thirty sizes to suit your gun grip or vehicle compartment. With one purchase, now you never have to worry about where you'll find a secure spot for mountin' your gun! 

This gun magnet mount has holsters right near the handle lever for easy access- they hold firm and can be released at an angle, safely concealing any weapon-mounted inside. 

Car Holsters are a Bad Idea

Car holsters are a terrible idea. Having a gun in the car means the potential for accidents. Putting it in a holster on your hip implies you want to carry it with you if confronted, and that's a terrible idea in a fight since drawing from there is slow, cumbersome, and impractical against an unarmed opponent. Although Ape Survival doesn't recommend people use this mode of transportation to their cars, we also don't want them carrying guns while they do so!

Increased Administrative Handling

The only solution may be the adequate administrative handling of an increased weapon concealed mount, such as a magnetic gun mount. True, there is often no specific administrative handhold for such situations. However, in some organizations and cultures, the administration may institute the requirement for an increase in administrative handling of any individual who wishes to own or utilize a magnetic gun mount.

Theft From Vehicle

There are a variety of ways to discourage vehicle thieves. One suggestion is the Gun Mount It's nothing more than expanding foam that forms into screws, which attach themselves to your windshield by tactical magnet attraction. You can even program where you want them gun mounted with an app! No tools are necessary; you can attach yourself to any gun, including rifles and shotguns! The only appliances needed are guns or other devices like tasers. Thieves will be scared when they see what could come down on their heads if they try breaking in because these mountings weigh 2 pounds each and 4 pounds collectively.

Don't Have it on You When You Need It

A magnetic gun mount is a perfect solution to not having a gun when you need it. It's an intelligent way to ensure that your search for a handgun doesn't cost you your life. A magnetic gun mount is perhaps one of the best inventions no one ever knew they needed because armed moments rarely happen at convenient times. Like, say, while taking out the trash or having an emotional moment in court or any time other than right now.

Thankfully companies are solving this issue by designing vehicle mounts perfect for securing handguns without risking chronic underarm irritation from sitting on them all day long! Ouchies! To make things even better, these mounts are magnetically strong enough to grip any firearm firmly--even while driving over bumps.

Traffic Collision

Following a traffic collision on the freeway, the ultra-strong gun magnet on your vehicle would prevent your firearm from sliding around and protect it from damage. If this were to happen, it could slam shut or fly forward and become unusable or dangerous. The gun mount also reduces back pain after recoil, which is caused by the weight of the firearm pulling down on arm muscles used to stabilize the weapon so the shooter can achieve accuracy.

We are introducing our revolutionary Magnetic Gun Mount! It eliminates the problem of insecurely storing your firearm and securely deploys it in under one second with just one hand! 

Unauthorized Access by Children

Perhaps the best way to deter children from accessing this gun is by giving them a toy. A magnetic one. This would be placed in an area that they can't retrieve without causing inconvenience to themselves or others. The result is twofold: "the child does not have the satisfaction of playing with the desired object and may develop unacceptable behavior patterns." Experimentation outside of social norms would be promoted disincentives for their prohibited actions, ideally leading to social correction in the future.

Parents with safety concerns should be aware that if they give their children access to guns without any precautions, the child may do harmful harm. The best protection that can be taken is the magnetic gun mount for bed and car. This device secures a weapon in place and won't let it fall free until there's an intentional release over an audible sensor. Proven to be immensely popular among children who invest time or money in this hobby, magnetic gun mounts work with many types of guns and help ensure they always stay securely aimed at the target. Hence, accidents happen less often than ever before for those parents who insist on staying as safe as possible.

Law Enforcement Interactions

It would help if you did not automatically assume that it is in your best interest to interact with law enforcement. Police officers are trained in the use of violence and escalation -- but you, as a private citizen, have to introduce yourself in de-escalation techniques and nonviolence so that you're prepared for when such encounters occur.

This means learning how to remain calm during such an encounter and displaying physical warning signs of our discomforts by yawning or scratching ourselves instead of arguing back when we're bothered - or doing something that might be taken as threatening or disrespectful. It may also mean using humor: interrupting their story back by saying "Phew! Glad I could help out" (or any other reassuring word) before they even started.

Unattended Firearms

Unattended firearms are one of the leading causes of accidental injuries, casualties, and fatalities amongst children. The Concealed Gun Magnet Mount turns any metal surface into a secure storage space for unattended firearms. Unlike some devices which mount under desks or cabinets, this wire-free magnet is only accessible on the front face; what's more, wirelessly pairing it with an authorized gun owner allows them direct access via fingerprint recognition!

Final Thoughts

Car holsters are a terrible idea. There are many reasons why you should stop using your car holster magnet for firearms, but here are the flat top guns that we recommend considering. If these don't convince you to ditch your car magnet holster and get yourself a magnetic gun mount for car, nothing will! Contact us today if you want help finding the best option for you or need assistance with any of the other challenges listed in this blog post. We can also provide tips on dealing with law enforcement interactions, so be sure not to forget those when thinking about what type of powerful gun holders is right for you!

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