Quick Access to Your Concealed Weapon With A Gun Magnet

Quick Access to Your Concealed Weapon With A Gun Magnet

If you ever need to access your concealed weapon quickly, Gun Magnet will be a lifesaver. It is an innovative way of keeping your pistol within reach and out of sight at all times. The Magnetic Gun mount features powerful magnets that provide the necessary grip for any gun, even those with metal frames or slides. You can attach it to any metal surface, and it's so quick and easy to install!

Check Your State Laws or With Authorities

When determining how to conceal carry in a car, the first thing to consider is its legality. Before driving with a firearm in your car, be sure you're familiar with the laws in your state. For example, it is legal to drive with a concealed firearm (as long as you hold a concealed carry permit). Meanwhile, in places like the District of Columbia, which has some of the strictest gun control rules in the country, only unloaded, disassembled firearms are allowed in the automobile. In addition, any firearms must not be easily or directly accessible from the passenger compartment.

In some places, such as Wyoming, open and concealed carry is permitted without a permit. However, in California, concealed handguns can be legally transported in a car without a permit only if the gun is:

  • Unloaded
  • Secured in the trunk or another locked compartment in the vehicle other than the utility or glove compartment.

Before considering concealed carry in your automobile, do your research on applicable regulations in your state as well as any states you may be traveling to.

Strategies For Carrying a Concealed Weapon

While concealing carry on foot can be difficult, concealing carry in a car can be even more difficult. Because you're situated in a small space, it's difficult to pull off a swift draw. When you're buckled up, the biggest problem is that your seat belt can prohibit you from drawing your firearm quickly if you're confronted with a threat. The good news is that there are solutions available to assist you in overcoming this challenge.

Additionally, Magnetic Gun Mounts are a great way to carry concealed weapons. Magnetic Gun Mounts are perfect for pistols with metal slides or frames but may not work well with polymer guns. 

FBI Cant

The FBI Cant, a specific angle for carrying your pistol in a car, is one of the easiest ways to conceal a carry in a car. Most of today's magnet holsters support the FBI Cant angle, including both IWB and OWB models. The FBI Cant makes it considerably easier to reach firearms than a conventional appendix carry. Longer barreled pistols can easily snag on the bottom of a car seat when carried without considering a suitable carry posture. The FBI Cant can assist in resolving this issue. OWB holsters are ideal for this carrying since they provide simple access to your pistol. When driving or on foot, the FBI Cant strike an excellent balance between comfort and accessibility.

The FBI Cant have the extra benefit of preventing your weapon's grip from pressing into your side while seated. Drawing from an FBI Cant holster isn't easy, and it takes experience, but it's still easier than drawing from a straight-drop IWB or OWB holster.

Get a Dedicated Car Gun

Some persons who practice car concealed carry retain a specific car pistol in their vehicle, which they keep next to the driver's seat. The concept of keeping a specialized car gun has been practiced for decades, whether it is a person's main handgun or a backup to their usual weapon. A dedicated car gun has the advantage of always being in the right spot for drawing from your seated posture inside the vehicle.

Consider a Magnetic Gun Mount

A magnetic gun mount is another alternative for concealed carry in an automobile. They come in a variety of styles, including dedicated holsters and holster mounts. Gun mount are frequently fastened to a specific element of the vehicle, such as the front seat or steering wheel column and has a strong magnet. Mounts allow you to draw holster in the car whenever you want. In addition, the holster, including mounting hardware, can support a gun with no possibility of rotating even in rough terrain. Having a gun mounted in a car is very important, and it must be conveniently accessible while being hidden from view from outside the vehicle.

Gun Magnets are a bright spot in the world of guns storage gear that has mostly gone unnoticed. This answer to a common guns access problem has aided many gun owners over the years and has become a must-have accessory for your car, safe, bed storage locker, bathroom.

Magnetic gun mount for car, bed, and desk - it can be used for various purposes. Add storage choices or mounts to every available open wall area to organize your gun safe. For example, I have one on the wall next to my bathroom toilet, where I keep my gun safe while I'm... "reading." Magnetic gun holsters have obvious applications under office desks and in cars. They also operate on metal bed frames, refrigerator sides, and exercise equipment and have a powerful magnet.

Secure your Firearm

You may be required to disarm to enter a gun-free zone such as a church, government building, or school. As a result, you must be prepared to hold and secure your firearm in your vehicle firmly. A lockable container is an ideal option for safely concealing your handgun when it comes to concealed carry in a car. For this purpose and storing other minor valuables, keyed or biometric safes are offered. It's usually advisable to make sure that only you have access to the contents of a locked safe. Unauthorized individuals, such as curious children, should not be able to gain entry to the safe.  

Gun Safes vs Gun Holsters

Because of its tiny size and agility, a handgun is helpful. During a carjacking or any other form of vehicle altercation, stealth, quickness, and surprise can offer you a tremendous edge, which is why pistols are the most popular choice for a dedicated car gun. As a result, it's crucial to consider this while selecting how to keep your gun secure in your car. While a gun safe keeps your firearm out of the hands of strangers, extracting your weapon from one might be time-consuming. When defending yourself from an attack, a handgun holster, on the other hand, enables fast access and speed. 

A well-placed automobile holster can provide you with the benefit of a natural and quick draw from your seated posture while also concealing your weapon. 

Cramped Work Space

When seated in the driver's seat, fully extend your arms to shoot as you would when standing. To shoot with extended arms in an automobile concealed carry situation, you may have to lean and reposition your body. That's why, before concealing your weapon in your automobile, you should practice shooting with partially extended arms or even just one hand. Knowing what you're up against can make all the difference, so learn where to shoot – you might not be able to get a clear shot through the glass. It's also a good idea to know which components of your vehicle can give adequate shelter from live shots and which parts can provide concealment.

Concealed Carry Methods for Different Types of Cars

There are numerous sorts of vehicles available on the market nowadays. This means that when concealed carrying in a car, you'll have much more to consider. It would help if you kept in mind that a technique that works well in a sedan may not work in an SUV and vice versa. Consider the possibility that your car breaks down or runs out of petrol in the middle of the night, and you'll need to secure your firearm in the car until you can return. Here are some pointers for coping with concealed carry in various types of vehicles.

Concealed Carrying in a Sedan

A car provides a variety of options for concealing firearms. Here are some of the most accessible locations in a sedan for concealing weapons:

Under the Center Console — A series of plastic clips or a few screws hold the center console to the floor in most sedans. Removing these reveals a compartment large enough to hold a large firearm or many boxes of ammo.

Back Seats — If you're looking for a way to conceal carry in a car, the back seat might be a good place to start. The springs are usually covered beneath the seat cover, which snaps onto the seat. This may be a good place to stash a pistol, ammunition, or even short-barreled long guns like MP5s or Uzis. No one will notice if you simply replace the seat cover.

Under Seats — This doesn't merely refer to the area beneath the seat. We're talking about using a holster, tape, zip ties, or other methods to secure a gun to the underside of the seat. This keeps your gun hidden yet accessible when you need it.

Inside Door Panels  A shotgun with a folding stock or a small rifle can be hidden on the inside of your door panel. Clips and a few screws are generally used to hold door panels in place. Once you've stored your weapons, it's important to return the clips and screws to their original locations so that missing screws aren't detected by someone with a keen eye who could try to get their hands on them.

Under The Hood — The inside of the fender is accessible from under the hood. It is a fantastic hiding area for your weaponry. The Airbox system can also be a suitable spot to hide a gun.

The Trunk — The trunk isn't the best place to hide weapons. Because any firearms in the trunk are usually easy to identify, this is the case. Weapons can, however, be safely concealed in the trunk by concealing them beneath the carpet or in other hidden spots. When learning how to carry a hidden weapon in a car, it's crucial to consider all options for keeping and concealing your firearms. 

Concealed Carrying in an SUV or Truck

You'll have a distinct set of options for vehicle concealed carry whether you're driving an SUV or truck. Here are some alternatives to the sedans mentioned above.

Using the Frame — The frames of SUVs and trucks are made up of I-Beams. This provides a natural shelf for storing guns in a truck or SUV for concealed carry. A rifle, shotgun, or other form of firearm can be hidden on the frame itself with the use of a few hefty zip ties. There's a good possibility no one will ever find your weapons unless someone dives underneath your vehicle to look for them.

Roof — If you're looking for a way to conceal carry in an SUV or truck, the hollow roof of modern SUVs and trucks is a good alternative. Disconnect the third stoplight at the top and back of the cab to gain access to the roof, where you'll find plenty of room to store magazines, ammo, and other goods. To make it easy to retrieve the pieces, use duct tape to connect them. Then, reattach the lamp to ensure that your hiding area remains safe and secure.

Tailgate — The tailgate provides another hollow location for concealing weapons. The internal hollow is accessible via the latch assembly or by splitting the tailgate and removing the nuts and bolts that hold it together. Tailgates have been known to be split and resealed using silicone in the past. When you need to retrieve your weapons, cut the silicone seal apart with a knife or razor blade in this technique.

Spare Tires — While concealing firearms within a tire is difficult. However, you can use the area on top of the tire or around the rim by lowering your spare. It can also conceal your weaponry and reinstall it as if nothing had happened.

It takes effort and creativity to figure out how to carry a hidden weapon in an automobile. However, if you take the time to arrange for safety, accessibility, and legality, concealing your defensive arsenal in your vehicle isn't difficult.

If you're looking for a magnetic gun mount for bed, cars, bathroom, or under the desk. Look no further! Here at Apesurvival, we have the best gun magnets! 

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