Magnetic Pistol Mounts – Are They Any Good?

Magnetic Pistol Mounts – Are They Any Good?

Magnetic gun mounts are a great way to get the perfect aim on your target. They are especially useful for hunters who want their prey dead, not just wounded. They can be used in many different situations, whether you're hunting or conducting tactical operations with your firearm. Gun magnets come in handy when you need to attach and detach your firearm from its mount quickly. Magnetic pistol mounts allow for quick access and easy attachment of firearms onto metal surfaces like cars, trucks, boats, and more!

Magnetic gun mounts for cars, under a desk, etc., have been inundating my social media feeds. The user takes the pistol out of its magnet holster, chambers around while it's still mounted, and then removes it off to confront the threat.

The device appeared to be intriguing — a handgun mount with a compact design is out of the way and simple to use. Are they, however, any good? Because, to be honest, the commercials make them appear a little cheesy.

There was only one way to answer this question: I had to order one and put it to the test. Fortunately, they are inexpensive, which aided in my decision to purchase one for evaluation. But, unfortunately, they're so cheap that I'm not sure how good they can be. Is it possible to chamber a round with them?

How Do You Install the Mount?

Installation instructions are not included with the mount, although it is quite easy. Around the mount are four holes and eight screws of two sizes (4 each). Screw the mount into place after leveling it. I simply used my eyes as a level, which worked well.

You'll need to know how to install drywall anchors if you wish to screw the mount into drywall using the mounting hardware. This is where the longer screws should be used. My mount came with four drywall anchors, but I would spend a little more money on higher-quality anchors if I were placing it in drywall. It is impossible to overestimate the rigidity of superior anchoring.

My basement locked room has an exterior-grade door with a deadbolt, and I screwed 3/4′′ plywood to the inside for the convenience of installing shelving and to make it safer overall. Fortunately, this also ensured that these mounts would be easily installed.

Where Can You Install Magnetic Pistol Mounts?

These can be mounted anyplace that holes can be drilled to hold them in place. The following are the most prevalent locations:

Under a desk, to be precise. If you have a desk in an area where personal safety is a concern, this could be handy. However, there are muzzle-facing difficulties with this — more on that later.

Attached to a bedside table. This may be a good option for someone who has no kids in the house. For this, I have a lockable keypad cabinet.

Tucked inside a closet. This may or may not make sense, depending on the layout of your home. For me, it didn't work.

A vehicle's interior. I didn't want to put it in any of my vehicles, although it's well-designed to do so. For me, there's not so much a problem with the mount as it is. It is with the fact that I don't want to store a rifle in a vehicle in this manner. I either don't leave it in the vehicle at all, lock it in if I have to, or place it in a case when traveling. Others may require a different type of vehicle.

Inside an already-secured room. This is what I did with the mounting. As a prepper, you'll quickly discover that room is limited. When you add freeze-dried foods, water storage, and other random items, your supply room quickly fills up. Then you throw in a couple of guns and some ammo storage, and you start tripping over things.

I could leave any firearms outside of cases or holsters by placing these magnetic pistol mounts in my locked storage area with a dehumidifier. They can then be conveniently accessed while the room stays tidy and well-organized.

Of course, keep any legal considerations in mind – as well as your safety! Consider mounting it beneath a desk. The muzzle will be pointing toward the front end of a desk in this situation. When the pistol is positioned under the desk, people are likely to stroll in front of the muzzle. Unless it is against a wall, keep an eye on the muzzle!

Testing the Magnetic Mount

Before installing, Make sure that these magnetic mounts were heavy-duty and could truly support 55 pounds. The mount is shown carrying a 55-pound kettlebell by the handle in the promotional photographs.

Weight Carry Test

I began by securing a 10-pound kettlebell to the mount and hefting it up. It was successful!

I then increased the weight of the test to a 20-pound kettlebell. It didn't work! I raised it and, just as the mount was about to make it, the 20lb weight dislodged from the magnet and fell.

The good news is that it doesn't matter. I'm not aware of any handguns that weigh more than 55 pounds (much alone 20 pounds). Ten pounds is more than enough for most people's needs.

Pistol Hold Test

Now that I had them installed, it was time to see what the ApeSurvival mounts could hold in an upright posture. I learned that preserving consistent "systems" across multiple handguns develops familiarity and makes switching between them easier.

I tested the Magnetic Gun Mount (1627-GUNMNT), mounted, and firmly held in the mount perfectly. The ApeSurvival Magnetic Pistol Mounts performed just as I had hoped they would! Indeed a strong magnet. They're great products that work well in their designed application, which is used with handguns. The magnetic grip on the back and the looped strap make it easy to attach and remove quickly.

Chambering a Round Test

I chamber a round in my Magnetic Pistol Mount. Chambering was successful, but I didn't want to leave the pistol loaded for an extended time because no witnesses or bystanders were present.

I decided on chambering another round before closing things up so that if someone happened to me while working with the Magnetic Pistol Mount, they wouldn't see the gun and think it was ready to fire.

Does a Gun Have to be in a Holster in a Car?

There are few (if any) laws requiring a handgun to be carried in a holster while driving. The majority of legal problems revolve around whether they can be kept loaded or if they must be locked up.

Can You Install the Mount with Glue?

This topic was inspired by some of the Amazon reviews, with one reader stating that he expected to glue the mount into his vehicle rather than drill screws into it. So, no, I don't believe that gluing the mount would work well in practice. However, this seemed to me to be self-evident.


It was a great surprise for me. Given the mount's modest size and low price, it performed (almost) as expected. I wouldn't spend a lot of money on one unless I had a very specific need that only a magnetic mount could fulfill. That, however, is irrelevant. Because the mount is so inexpensive, simply holding pistols in place (like I did) is sufficient. If you want to have a magnetic gun for bed, car, or under the desk, we at ApeSurvival offer the best Magnetic Gun Mount especially for a survival situation! 

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