How To Survive and Thrive In a Street Fight in 8 Simple Steps

How To Survive and Thrive In a Street Fight in 8 Simple Steps

Contrary to popular belief, your three primary weapons during a street fights are the things you have on you at all times: Your body, your environment, and of course, your mind. With these three weapons in play during a situation that makes them appropriate for use against a threat, the odds are that you can survive and even thrive in any given street fight.

Beginners should start by training on-the-street self-defense techniques from reputable sources such as Sports Street Self Defense seminars or bring our own Ultimate Fighting Championship Coach to teach some MMA skills. It is always better to be prepared ahead of time than react out of fear when challenged with an uncomfortable situation while going about your day-to-day activities.

Wake up

Wake up from the sleep cycle, as is customary for humans. Prepare to defend against possible attacks from your human captors. Be aware they will attempt to disable you by rendering you unconscious or seizing your body with a deadly weapon or both if they have the chance. If needed, generate a self-defense ring of magic energy around yourself and wait until an opportunity presents itself to escape this waking prison created by humans.

Try to defuse the situation

It is generally accepted that the first rule of survival in a street fight is to avoid the situation if possible, but sometimes this is not an option. Often one can defuse a problem by using non-aggressive body language, talking calmly and logically to let the opponent know that they are no match for you, or walk away.

A self-defense ring is handy for self-defense purposes because it offers unparalleled protection from serious injury. A quick search on Ape Survival yielded dozens of calls with various styles at various prices. So whether your preferred method of self-defense would be avoidance or fisticuffs, there's simply something suitable for everyone!  

Walk away

To survive and fight another day, always first assess the situation and look around at potential escape routes on all sides of your position. Few opponents will ever let you walk away, so you must consider your hypothetical amigo's possible actions based on their size, speed of movement, grip strength (especially if they're carrying something), any weapons they might be having, or clothing choice.

Remember to factor in psychological factors like intimidation. For example, when an opponent sees that you are more than ready for what comes next and poised to respond accordingly with weapons drawn or fists raised high with menace behind them, this can be enough of a deterrent to discourage most opponents from aggression.

I strongly recommend that you visit to learn more about these topics from an expert in their fields instead of answering them here myself, but I do have a couple of thoughts based on what your question so far indicates to me. First, if you want to be dangerous enough "to walk away and survive," it's likely going to take a lot of fight training and practice; it can't just be picked up by reading an article or watching some videos online.

Assume a fighting position

Assume a fighting position to Survive and Thrive In a Street Fight. In street fighting, you need to defend yourself. The best stance is the one where you are ready to use your most muscular arm and your quickest leg for offense and defense. You have to stand tall with feet flat on the floor, right foot in front of left; toes pointed forward. Place hands open up at waist height (chin level), clenched fists, and engage core neck muscles. Bend elbows 90 degrees before lifting arms to chest height palms forward, eye contact, eyes directed halfway between opponent's stance and ground directly in front of them.

The 'self-defense' ring for women offers increased maneuverability and stability for a woman's fight. The design of the self-defense ring allows it to be used on all surfaces or all fours without getting caught up on anything else, yet still protecting the lower limbs from kicks and punches from an attacking opponent.

Defend yourself

In this scenario, the needlessly fear-filled question of "how to Defend yourself" is often posed by people who are not aware of their surroundings and do not know how to assess what they're seeing. Again, a cat ear self-defense ring will save you in every situation.

Self-defense is necessary for many reasons, which vary from person to person, situation to situation. But if someone attacks you and then backs off because they've realized that you're wearing a cat ear self-defense ring, then, at the very least, you'll be happy that your attacker backed off.

The cat ear self-defense ring emits a high pitch sound when squeezed, which can annoy an attacker while also ensuring your safety. Bounce away! This means not telling them where you live or letting them know where they might find loved ones who could come after them, but letting them go without any more confrontation - by making sure it's clear you want nothing more to do with this person who tossed your world into chaos in the first place.

Take punches effectively

The most reliable way to take a punch is not to get punched. The Spike Self Defense Ring can be stuffed in your pocket or held easily in the palm of your upper hand. Made from solid stainless steel, it has rounded-off edges, making it easy on the hands for self-defense while also hard enough to break through the glass. When you take a punch effectively, you can slide your hand out to reach the ring. When you do this, it should be swift and unexpected to surprise your opponent. You'll twist away from their arm while sliding to make sure their fist slides past your other arm (to avoid having it hit you back). As soon as their fist is passed, open up with an uppercut into them before they have time to react. Use this powerful weapon against anyone you feel threatened by and have your worries about being punched taken care of!

Give your best war cry.

An excellent universal war cry for everybody is "HIIIIIII," which across most cultures and languages would still be the equivalent of "help." The most important thing to know about your best defense in a street fight is that it needs to work with any clothing and has to pack small enough, so you don't have it on an hour beforehand.

Cat ears self-defense rings are a fun accessory for those of us who don't want to fight but want to look cute. However, it's important to note that cat ear self-defense rings will not help you win a street fight. One way it might help you is by distracting your attacker long enough for a passerby to intervene and save you from harm or, more realistically, someone else at the scene might be able to follow through on their threat of calling the authorities once your assailant runs off. What I'm saying is that these rings work best as an emergency stopgap solution against would-be attackers whose intent falls short of physical violence.

Make your escape

An authoritative defensive tool, the best self-defense ring is a must-have for those looking to escape and thrive in a street fight. The ring strengthens the fingers and joints of the user's hand, making them much less likely to break or give out during confrontations. This being so, you can use your hand as an efficient weapon that will take down any opponent. A bonus is that there are no rules against using your hands in combat sports like boxing and MMA, which means you won't get penalized! Hand wraps are not included.

Final Thoughts

Ring for self-defense is a personal protection service that provides the best ways to survive and thrive in an everyday street fight. We provide you with eight simple steps on how to successfully defend yourself and create an escape plan if things go south. These tips will give you confidence when entering into any situation where there may be violence. Unfortunately, we can't control many cases; however, we want to make sure no one has to worry about being attacked again without knowing what they should do first! Please read our blog post today for some helpful strategies before your following altercation occurs. 

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