How to Safely Store A Gun in Your Car?

How to Safely Store A Gun in Your Car

This is a blog post about how to safely store your handguns in your car. Magnetic Gun Mounts are the best way to go, and they can be found on When you get one of these Magnetic Gun Mounts for your car, it will hold any firearm securely with just two powerful magnets that attach to almost any surface on either side of the interior of your vehicle!

How and where to safely store a gun in your car?

Knowing how and when to store heavy-duty weapons is essential for a responsible gun magnet mount ownership. In an ideal world, gun owners would always have their weapons ready, but that is unrealistic. It's not always possible to avoid gun-free zones. Though the glovebox appears to be the most appealing option, it reveals to be less than optimal. Glovebox locks are easily jimmied with a crowbar and a little push, even though most come with a lock and do disguise the gun.

It's just as crucial to know how to safely stow the gun in the automobile as it is to know where to store it. Excessive handling of loaded firearms can lead to disasters. Therefore, keeping it to a bare minimum is critical. As a result, I recommend leaving the gun in the holster and removing the belt as a whole unit. This strategy ensures that the trigger remains covered, preventing any incidents.

Glove Box

The glove compartment appears to most gun owners to be a natural solution to the problem of storing or magnetic gun mount for car or truck. Every vehicle is outfitted with a glove box large enough to hold a pistol. However, consider the following main disadvantages of magnet holster when we consider putting a firearm in the console or glove box:

What is the first place a criminal looks when they break into your car? The glove box and the console. Thieves know that these are the most popular places to store electronics and the most significant sites to look out for your address (via the registration and insurance cards). So keeping a gun in the glove compartment is a surefire way to invite theft.

Center Console

Any person who has the authority to carry a concealed weapon (CCW) or a law enforcement official frequently uses a security device like a car center console gun safe to ensure that a handgun or other weapon is kept secure and hidden when out in public and does not fall into the wrong hands.

While a car alarm can provide some security, it is rarely sufficient when leaving a handgun unsecured and in an easily discovered location.

The best way to keep your firearm safe in your car. A high-quality console vehicle vault is a long-term solution for protecting firearms stored in an SUV or truck. This safe is meant to replace the existing center console and give you more storage space.

Under the driver/passenger seat

Though not difficult to execute, planning to store your gun in the car necessitates using the proper instruments and knowledge to ensure safety. For concealed carriers who need secure storage on the road, purchasing a tiny safe to attach to the car is the ideal option.

In the Trunk

Consider what a trunk gun is, what it is designed to do, and what part it plays in the life of an armed citizen for a moment with magnetic gun mount with a safety trigger.

The inspiration for a trunk cannon comes from two places. The first is the range gun, a rifle used outside to perform tasks that a pistol cannot, such as scaring predators away from crops and livestock or defending yourself at ranges beyond handgun range. Classic versions of this type of trunk gun may be found in rifle racks in pickup truck cabins all over the United States.

Locked, Concealed container

Conceal Pro (and others) specialize in creating custom-designed concealed compartments that are opened mechanically. Unfortunately, this means that when closed, they blend in with the rest of the car, giving burglars little indication that a handgun is kept within.

Companies specializing in this type of work usually work with your vehicle's unique model to ensure that the compartment is flush with the rest of the panels. A secret button or code is typically used to open these chambers. They're not designed to hold your concealed carry weapon when you're driving or in other situations where you might require quick access. They're for when you need to get out of the car, and it's either legal or not.

Locked Sale Box

Suppose a customized concealed compartment in the car isn't practicable or possible. In that case, a vehicle-mounted gun safe like the Console Vault, suitable for hiding a pistol or revolver, is still an economical option. While it may be discovered if your vehicle is broken into, the burglar will spend an excessive amount of time trying to get the safe out.

There's also the convenience of knowing that if you visit a location where firearms are prohibited, such as a courthouse or a post office, you can safely keep your pistol for the duration of your visit.

Magnet Gun Mount

Gun magnets or gun mounts by ApeSurvival are considered one of the most valuable accessories a gun owner can buy because they have various applications. This valuable item offers you a convenient storage solution for your firearms while also allowing you quick access. Additionally, gun magnets/gun mounts could be employed to expand your car gun safe storage capacity. Choosing the best gun magnet, on the other hand, isn't easy, especially if you're unfamiliar with the market's possibilities.


Vehicle firearm storage using mounting hardware is for the secure, discreet storage of your firearm, not for the advantage of your draw or self-defense. If you're in a vehicle, keep your gun close to you at all times. If you're getting out of the car, you should have a lockable, secure container to put your belongings in a GMW gun magnet that firmly hold bed frame of the magnetic gun mount.

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