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Just because you carry a gun it doesn't mean you're safe. Unfortunately, most civilians have not had the training, or dedicated themselves to the practice required to ensure they can effectively use their trusty firearm in a real life situation. If you do opt to carry a gun for your own protection, there may come a time when you actually need to use it, and today our team of experts from APE Survival cover the most important aspects to ensure you're able to use your firearm effectively. Diffuse the situation ‘There is no second-place winner in a gunfight,’ according to...

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The recent riots in Baltimore highlight how fragile society really is, as the city descended into the most violent period it has experienced in 40 years. Before this is was Ferguson, and who could forget the problems that plagued residents of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. When looters come knocking at your door, wanting to take your supplies to help keep themselves alive, what can you really do? Unfortunately, most looters are not people you can rationally deal with. They've thrown the rules out the window as a lack of law enforcement following a disaster provides ample opportunity for criminals...

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